Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From the Farmers' Market

Happy Tuesday! I hope y'all had a fantastic long weekend. I'll post a longer update later, but Kate and I spent it camping in lovely Pilot Mountain, NC. We didn't leave until mid-day on Saturday, but we still managed to take a bit of a rush trip to the market, since I had my wedding dress fitting (!) at 9am.

Kate came along for the trip to the market, which is always a treat in my book. Here's what we picked up:

a whole mess of lettuce, tomatoes, {even more} chocolate chip banana bread, peaches, + bacon

That last item there needs a bit more explaining, since both Kate and I identify as vegetarians. Since we're both vegetarians for mainly environmental reasons (as well as health), the occasional meat isn't really a huge deal (although the looks most folks give us when we try to explain that is pretty fun). So Kate gets locally produced bacon from time to time at the market and I'll order some seafood if we're close to the coast. Since we eat vegetarian about 98% of the time, we're still keeping the label.

in all of its frozen and packaged glory

peaches are my fave

I was particularly happy to see that peaches were still being sold since 1) it's getting a bit late in the season and 2) they are one of my favorite parts of summer in the south. I'm fairly convinced that there are few things better than a perfectly ripe in-season peach.

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