Thursday, September 8, 2011

Virtual Dress Up: Zara

In case you hadn't heard the exciting news, Zara, the fantastically fashionable, moderately priced European clothing store, began offering online shopping in the US yesterday! Since the nearest physical store location is in DC, I'm much more excited to play virtual dress up with their items, knowing that I can much more readily make a purchase should I fall in lust with anything (I'm sure Kate is really excited about this development, too...).

Here are some of my favorite selections from their current offerings:

double breasted frock coat, $169

knitted blazer, $89.90

sequin jacket, $129

dress with elastic waist, $89.90

bell bottom jeans, $79.90

twisted yarn dress, $39.90

felt shopper, $159

Have y'all shopped at Zara before? If not, will you now? What are some of your favorite picks for the fall?

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