Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From the Farmers' Market

It seems that the theme of this Saturday's market was greens, which makes sense, as it is spring time and all.

I guess I'd forgotten how bountiful the market becomes this time of year through the summer, as well as how crowded it gets, since I was surprised at how busy it was around 8:30am.

Last year I'll admit that I became a bit competitive about getting to the market at the crack of dawn (ours opens at 7am during the spring and summer) to make sure that I wouldn't miss out on anything that was in short supply. This time around I'm trying to take it a bit easier, mainly because I'm starting to value sleep more and consider being able to sleep in past 7 on the weekends a minor miracle. We'll see how this strategy goes as the season progresses.

Anyway, here's what I picked up this weekend:

turnips, ranunculus, arugula, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce x2, basil, asparagus

such beautiful lettuce (from Whitted Bowers Farm)

amazingly vibrant strawberries (also from Whitted Bowers)

Oh! And I almost forgot that our CSA pick-up starts tomorrow. I'll keep you posted as to what we receive (knowing my luck, it will be more greens- not that I'd be complaining!).

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