Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'd Wear: Work Event

Tomorrow we have a big fundraiser for work. It's just after 5, though, so lots of people will be coming straight from the office, which means I need to look dressed up but not too formal.

While I'll definitely be relying on items already in my closet, if I had the time and $$$ to go shopping in real life (as opposed to internet perusing and posting the things I love on my latest obsession, Pinterest), this is totally what I'd wear.

A fun statement necklace adds interest. This one is DIY, but I've seen similar ones recently at several stores.

This dress is so cute but also completely work appropriate (well, as long as the hemline isn't scandalously short, that is). The parakeets are my favorite part (did I mention that some are wearing little glasses and bowler hats?) .

Although I've shied away from heels in recent years, since I 1) am already plenty tall, 2) am admittedly a complete klutz, and 3) haven't found many that are even remotely comfortable, I've recently found myself lusting after shoes with wedges. These look like they'd be sturdy enough for all of the mingling, as well as the running around, I'll be sure to be doing at the event. Plus, I think that these totally elevate (pun intended) the rest of the outfit to make it a bit more dressy than would flats or sandals.

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest

Now I just need to find an outfit in my own closet that is even half as cute as this one...

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