Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Read This Week

Over the course of the week I come across so many great, interesting, and random articles, mainly via Twitter, Facebook, and the blogs I frequent. I decided this could be a good place to simultaneously archive and share some of my favorites.

With all the talk about the government shutting down due to failure to pass a budget, I couldn't help but share this clip from The West Wing, which I've seen floating around the interwebs over the past few days.

Goodness I miss this show.

Anyway, without further adieu I present to you What I Read This Week.

Gay Things
Married Gay Couples "Refuse to Lie" on Tax Forms by Tara Siegel Bernard

We've Come a Long Way, Baby? Same-Sex Marriage and the Responsibilitization of Sex by Ann Pellegrini

Searching for Harm: Same-Sex Marriage and the Well-Being of Children by Courtney G. Joslin

Traditional marriage is dead. Let's celebrate. by Jill Filipovic

Lady-Related Things
IOC to Allow Women's Ski Jumping in 2014 Olympics by The Associated Press

Confronting Life by Aaron Guoveia

How the "U-Word" Exposes the Anti-Choice Movement by Amanda Marcotte

Women Sue Virginia Tech for Pay Inequality by Anna North

Terrorizing Abortion Providers: The "Other Abortion War" Quietly Continues by Carole Joffe

Averting a Government Shutdown? GOP Says Over Your Dead Body. And They Mean It. by Jodi Jacobson

The Sleepless Elite by Melinda Beck

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be keeping my eyes glued to news of the impending government shutdown and scheming ways to become part of the 'sleepless elite.' Oh, and getting our engagement photos taken!

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