Friday, April 29, 2011

What I Read This Week

Apologies for going MIA there for a hot minute. Three work events in a week's time made finding time to put posts together a bit of a challenge. At least I was able to keep up with (most) current events, mostly thanks to trusty Twitter.

Not included here, but all over the news elsewhere, were stories of the tornadoes that tore through a lot of the deep South, particularly Alabama. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers in their direction and am feeling particularly thankful that my younger cousin, a freshman first-year at 'Bama, is safe, sound, and on her way home.

Anyway, here's just a sampling of what I came across this past week.

CBS Reporter Recounts a 'Merciless' Assault by Brian Stetler

Poor Jane's Almanac by Jill Lepore -Interesting read contrasting the lives of Benjamin Franklin and his younger sister, Jane.

The Culture of Greener Grass by Amber Leab (via Feministing) -On why saying things like, 'Oh! You're so skinny. I'm jealous,' aren't really appropriate.

Why the Fat Guy Should Lose His Privilege by David Sirota

Will.I.Am Gives the Wrong Message on Safe Sex by Sophia, Abortion Gang

Federal Court Condemns Shackling, Vindicates Women by Rachel Roth

More Pregnant Women Dying in CA, Says Study by Jen Phillips -A particularly frightening stat from this study? In 2004, 82% of women in CAhad insurance that covered maternity services. Today, only 22% do.

The New Anti-Abortion Math by Gail Collins

Illinois Legislature Takes Steps to Prevent a Rapist From Being Your Gyno by Alex DiBranco

Common Cause, Different Perspective: The Generational Divide of the Pro-Choice Movement by Eleanor Hinton Hoytt

Caitlin Flanagan Calls For the End of Fraternities by Chloe Angyal

The FBI's Definition of Rape: Older Than a Lot of Things by Annie Shields -It hasn't changed in 82 years. For real.

Newsflash: Indiana Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood by Dahlia Grossman-Heinze -In related news, the North Carolina House Appropriations Committee approved a budget that included a special provision doing the same thing. It's moving on to the full House for a vote, likely next week.

Would You Like a Keepsake Photo with That Abortion? by Tim Murphy

Long Island Murders: Sex Trafficking Ring Involved? by Caroline Heldman

No Injunction Issued for Threatened Abortion Doc by Barbara Leonard

Delusional Congressman Says Planned Parenthood is 'Neutering' Men by Irin Carmon 

Vigil Held Monday for Md. Trans Beating Victim by Amanda Hess

Robertson: Left Backs Abortion Rights to Make Straight Women More Like Lesbians by Brian, Right Wing Watch -This and the next one could really go in either category (hooray, intersectionality!), but I've stuck them here

I Support Abortion Rights... Because I'm a Lesbian! by Michele Kort

Kate Middleton: Donate to Anti-Bullying Org in Lieu of Wedding Gifts by Hannah Clay Wareham

PR's 'Gay Guru' Helps Celebrities Come Out by Alex Cohen

New York Grants Inmates Same-Sex Conjugal Visits by Clarknt67, Pam's House Blend

Sally Kern: Minorities Earn Less Because They Don't Work As Hard via The Huffington Post -Anyone else find it terrifying that this woman used to be a teacher?

Picking at the Scab by Paul Waldman -Alternate title? 'Surprise! Rush Limbaugh is Pretty Racist'

CAM Raleigh Opens This Weekend in the Warehouse District by Jedidiah, New Raleigh -I can't wait to check this out!

After 40 Semesters, a Part-Time Student Sees the Finish Line by Eric Hoover

Have a fantastic weekend, y'all! I'm looking forward to fantastic weather, dressing up for a royal wedding viewing party, and catching up on lots and lots of sleep.

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