Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From the Farmers' Market

Though it's been awhile since one of these posts, we have definitely been continuing to get plenty of delicious, locally-grown food from the farmer's market and our CSA.

This Saturday I went to the market to pick up peaches, and ended up sort of falling down a rabbit hole. Here's the loot:

From top left: butternut squash, peaches, eggplant, chocolate chip banana bread, red onion

It was raining, dreary, and a bit cool when I went to the market, so I figured it would be the perfect day to convince Kate to whip up some butternut squash soup (I've somehow decided that soup tastes way better when she makes it. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I really hate washing and using the food processer). However, the rain quickly subsided and was replaced by oppressively hot, humid, and sunny weather. C'est la vie. Now I'm thinking we'll just make some anyway at some point this week and freeze it for whenever cooler temps return! We did this last weekend with our surplus of tomatoes and it makes me even more excited for fall.

I try to steer clear of baked goods at the market, but this chocolate chip banana bread is seriously so. good. that I give into temptation every once in awhile. It made for the perfect weekend breakfast that was just a little bit indulgent, topped off with crunchy peanut and sunflower butter on respective days to add a bit of protein and to temper the sweetness. I'm definitely wishing I'd picked up a second one for the week, but my usual smoothies and toaster waffles are an adequate (and healthier) replacement!

What about you? Any finds from the market this week? I'm already a little too excited to see what our CSA farm box will hold tomorrow!

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