Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From the Farmers' Market

So, last week I did something terrible, which was to not pick up our CSA box. Usually Kate is the one who gets it for us from the Wednesday market, but she was away and I had to stay in Raleigh later than usual. Whoops! Totally poor scheduling on my part (though I did get to meet with a nutritionist and then hang out with a wonderfully sweet friend, so I think it was more than worth it). Fortunately they donate whatever isn't picked up to an organization that gives it to folks in need, which is a pretty great solution.

However, to make up for the lack of fresh fruits and veggies in our house (and to prepare for several friends staying with us Saturday night), I may have gone a bit overboard.

Here's the damage:

bucket of flowers, seven (!) heads of lettuce, blueberries, cucumber, sungold tomatoes, bell peppers, peaches, + radishes

The total cost? Every. last. cent. in my wallet (which was just over $36). Yikes! Clearly I need to make some gigantic salads stat to put all of this great produce to good use.

My favorite purchase was, hands down, the flowers. 

They weren't arranged, so I had fun splitting them up into different vases- just enough for the living/dining room, the guest room, and one for my dresser, too!

They've been such a fun and cheerful addition to the house, and for only $10 they were a much better bang for my buck than the pre-made bouquets at any supermarket!

What about y'all- any fun finds at the market this week?

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