Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From the Farmers' Market

Just as Irene was paying a visit to North Carolina, I headed out on my Saturday morning routine of taking an early morning yoga class and then paying a visit to the farmers' market.

I love the feeling of being up before most of the town, especially on such a rainy and dreary day. Yoga was fabulous as usual and I arrived at the market between big wind gusts and sporadic downpours.

It was definitely less crowded than usual, with both less vendors and customers, which made for a slightly more abbreviated visit.

However, I had enough time to snap this photo while there:

burgundy okra, spotted at two different stands {sadly it didn't make it into my basket}

Here are the goods that made it home:

tomatoes, an heirloom Italian eggplant, leek, red onion, banana chocolate chip bread, zucchini, and sweet potatoes

an up-close shot of the pretty little eggplant

With so much from last week's market, coupled with the goods from our weekly farm box, I tried really hard to not overdo it this weekend. So far these are turning out to be the perfect compliments to our meals this week!

What did you find at the market this week?

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