Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gallery Inspiration

Earlier last year, I created a pretty great gallery wall going up our staircase. It was the perfect mix of photos of friends and family, as well as a few fun vintage ones of my dad and grandmother. However, our former roommate took everything down when he was moving (which I appreciated, since, you know, I value not having picture frames knocked down by a gigantic bed frame:) and I attempted to hastily put them back up the next day.

Sadly, it hasn't looked the same since. I wasn't very smart before taking things down and had zero labeling system. That led to there being a weird surplus of nails in the wall and awkwardly-spaced frames. Since I've been somewhat embarrassed of the state of our wall, I've decided a bit of inspiration was in order!

Gallery-style shelves- perfect for easily switching things up. Sadly, these aren't so practical in a stairway.

I love that these are arranged along a horizontal line. A diagonal up the stairs would be neat as well. Too bad I've never been that great with a level...

While I'm at it, why not create an entire gallery hallway? Sure, it might be a little bit intense, but I do love the bold statement.

Cute little gallery fashioned from an awkward little piece of wall. Me gusta.

This would be fun if we had several generations of family photos. Sadly, we do not. However, the spacing here is also great. Looks like it's time to invest in some more picture frames...

Shockingly, I love the use of a gallery wall as a place to display actual pieces of art. I'm such a traditionalist sometimes. Plus, those hot pink chairs make this image hard to hate. Perhaps it's time to incorporate some artwork into our wall, too. Decisions, decisions...

What about y'all? Do you like gallery walls or think they've become a bit too played-out?

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