Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Virtual Dress Up: Back to School

I recently came across the amazingness that is Quiksilver's new fall collection, and it almost made me wish I was headed back to school this fall. Not that you could pay me enough to head back to grad school any time in the near future, but gosh, these clothes are really pretty and fun, aren't they? Perhaps I'll just have to rock collegiate chic at work? Decisions, decisions...

Back to School 2011

Quiksilver striped cardigan, $55
Quiksilver loose shirt, $78
Quiksilver cotton blazer, $75
Quiksilver slim fit jeans, $70
Quiksilver backpack, $75
Cozy Beanie, $30

(And yes, I do realize that I realistically wouldn't be able to wear the items above in an outfit together until November at the absolute earliest, but that's the beauty of fake wardrobes, right?)

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