Friday, August 12, 2011

Hooray for Dollywood!

Today I'll be heading out a little early to drive with some friends out to scenic Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to visit Dollywood! I've never been before and am not sure what to expect, despite internet research and reviews from several friends. However, I'm super excited to spend time with friends, visit Tennessee for the first time, and check out Dollywood first-hand.

Here's (a basic outline) of what I've got packed:
hooray for dollywood!

I've been loving my straw fedora (I picked up a similar one at Old Navy) this summer (1). It's a great way to tame unruly hair and also keep my face shaded from the sun. Clearly, I've also brought some fun sunglasses along (2), since I love them and because I'm pretty sure Dolly would approve.

For tomorrow, when we're hitting up Dollywood proper, my key goals are to be comfortable and stay cool. That's were the jean shorts (14), tank top (16), t-shirt (15), and sandals with a heel strap (12) come in. Though people have mixed opinions about jean shorts (jorts, as I prefer to call them), my opinion is that as long as they're on the longer side, it's totally fine for casual situations. These sandals are similar to a pair I picked up for a song at one of Gap's sales. They're great for any rides we might go on, since they'll stay put (walking around Dollywood with one missing shoe would definitely not be cute). Throw in a cute cross-body bag (13) and I'm good to go!

The dress and button-up (worn tied at the waist; 4 + 5) and the striped tee and skirt (7 + 8) are for tomorrow night and Sunday. They're a bit dressier, but still relaxed and casual, especially with fun accessories and a lightweight jacket (for places with blasting a/c).

My bag (oh, how I wish it looked anything remotely like no. 3!) is rounded out by a bathing suit (11), because, well, you should never travel without one, as well as some exercise gear (to hopefully work off some of the down-home cooking we'll be experiencing) and an umbrella for impromptu rain showers!

1. Mossimo straw fedora: Target
2. H&M sunglasses, £1.99
3. H&M canvas weekender bag, £30
4. Target black scoop neck dress, $20
5. Old Navy printed roll-up camp shirt, $25
6. Urban Outfitters smooth stone pendant necklace, $34

7. Old Navy women's floral skirt, $32.94
8. Mossimo striped tee: Target, $8
9. Anthropologie interrupted hoops, $38
10. Old Navy women's lightweight surplus jacket, $30
11. Mossimo® Women's Mix & Match Tankini Swim Top - Slate: Target, $20
12. Old Navy metallic shoes, $20
13. H&M embossed handbag, £9.99

14. Old Navy distressed shorts, $26
15. Old Navy scoop neck top, $9.97

16. Old Navy women's lace-trim henley cami, $10

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