Monday, August 15, 2011


Dollywood was fantastic and much more fun than I would have imagined. I had a seriously fantastic time and it was so nice to get out of town and spend time with fun friends. Kate was gone for the weekend, so it was the perfect excuse to spend quality time with friends.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend, gussied up with Instagram:

ready to go!

four of five friends, pre-dollywood

stroller parade at the dollywood express, the coal-powered train that takes you on a scenic tour of the park

a show involving the history of the smoky mountains (?); this was sadly nixed from our itinerary in favor of more water rides at the last minute

at the christmas shop near our hotel. awesome.

 clearly a bit excited about an early-morning piggy back ride

the best pankcakes i've ever had. seriously. sweet potato with cinnamon cream syrup. however, it's not recommended to order non-pancake items. #nowyouknow

Not pictured? The breakfast buffet at Aunty Granny's restaurant (which it turns out isn't named such because this woman was both someone's aunt and grandmother). The awesome tours of the Chasing Rainbows museum and Dolly's old tour bus (seriously- I'm such a history nerd). The very sooty train ride through the park. The indoor roller coaster that included touring a town on fire and several mine shafts. The above-ground roller coaster with multiple loops (a major feat for me, former hater of roller coasters!). The most terrifying ferris wheel ride of our lives (pretty sure they aren't supposed to move side to side...). The extra full lap of the park one friend and I took in search of vegetarian food options that weren't fried (hey, hey cheese pizza!). All of the walking we did in general. The multiple water rides, including a death-defying log flume ride where our group made it under the weight limit by one. pound. At least it was after we ate (and ate. and ate.). Post-Dollywood dinner at the Apple Barn, where apple fritters with apple butter and cobbler or pie are included with your meal (I got the veggie plate, wherein two of my "veggies" were mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. The others were fried okra and coleslaw. #totallyfine). Sleeping for 11+ hours Saturday night because of all the food consumed. Five friends packed into one hotel room for two nights (I brought a nice little air mattress). Car ride meal stops in the scenic Hickory, NC. And, perhaps most importantly, the addition of the term "might could" to my vocabulary (i.e.: "Yes, I might could have another helping of kettle corn."). Oh, and in case I hadn't mentioned it already, getting to spend time with awesome friends. And that's Dollywood in a nutshell.

I hope you all had an equally exciting weekend! 

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